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Friday, November 11, 2005

Diebold source code broken!

Diebold source code broken!

From Joanna:!!!


Dr Avi Rubin is currently Prof of Computer Science at John Hopkins U.He "accidently" got his hands on a copy of the Diebold software program--Diebold's source code--which runs their e-voting machines. Dr Rubin's students pored over 48,609 lines of code that make up this software. One line in particular stood out over all the rest:#defineDESKEY((des_KEY8F2654hd4"

All commercial programs have provisions to be encrypted so as to protect them from having their contents read or changed by anyone not having the key... The line that staggered the Hopkin's team was that the method used to encrypt the Diebold machines was a method called Digital Encryption Standard (DES), a code that was broken in 1997 & is NO LONGER USED by anyone to secure prograns. F2654hd4 was the key to the encryption. Moreover, because the KEY was IN the source code, all Diebold machines wld respond to the same key. Unlock one, you have then ALL unlocked.

I can't believe there is a person alive who wldn't understand the reason this was allowed to happen. This wasen't a mistake by any stretch of the imagination. This was a fixed election, plain & simple. [DUH]


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